Enhancing the Safety of Your Playground


As the weather warms and more people move outside to enjoy the warm days, families flock to playgrounds in droves to enjoy time together. Playgrounds are fantastic source of outdoor fun, and are generally long lasting pieces of equipment that are worth the cost for the vast amount of fun that they offer. Of course, deciding upon the type of playground you want to install and the features that need to be included is a fun job, but it’s important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind. When putting in a playground, there are a lot of important safety features to consider so that your family or community is as safe as possible while enjoying the play space. Visit the official site for more information about rubber playground surface.

The perfect place to start is with the actual play equipment. Two of the most overlooked areas on play equipment are openings and sharp corners. Whatever toys or structures you choose, you need to make sure that the gaps between pieces are not too small, where a child could get stuck, or too large where children could easily fall out. Sharp corners are bad for scrapes and bruises, so make sure to sand down all corners, especially if they are made of hard substances. Follow the link for more information about playground surfaces.

Thinking about safety should then move onto how you will surface the playground area in your yard or community park space. Most parks have moved beyond using cement or concrete beneath playgrounds to cut down on scrapes and broken bones. One of the typical alternatives is rubber mulch, as it offers a softer and more cushioned surface that doesn’t degrade over time. An even better alternative to rubber mulch is rubber pour in place playground surfacing. There is still the give of the rubber, but it isn’t a tripping hazard, and doesn’t get kicked around or out of place by those using the playground. Choosing a safe surfaces cuts down of many problems that occur when playing on a playground.

Finally, make sure that you aren’t skimping on your playground surface just to save costs, at the risk of those that utilize your playground. For safety, make sure the safe surfacing is under all of the structures of your playground. Any safe surface should be far enough out that someone could jump off the equipment and still land on the safe surfacing. Make especially sure that when surfacing the swings that you are doing the surface far enough out, in case a child falls or jumps off the moving swings. To remark the understanding about playground http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laurie-hollman-phd/how-outdoor-playgrounds-a_b_9481162.html, visit the link.

For a playground to be an exciting place to be where communities and families can unwind, they need to be safe and secure as well. To give the families who enjoy playground the gift of peace of mind, make sure that the play structure and the ground beneath the playground are as safe as possible.